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Film Pacific

Film Pacific grew out of SunGard Australia, which began operations in Melbourne, in 1973. We were the second dealer in the fledgling Australian market. Initially, we sold and installed window film only in Melbourne. From the Melbourne market, we expanded into Sydney and as we grew in both cities, it became apparent that we needed to source the best products that were available. As a result, we started to import film supplies from the USA.

From 1979 to recently, we sourced film from most of the American manufacturers and sold the film from Film Technologies International because of its high quality and excellent range. Now with globalisation we now select the most technological advanced films from the best manufacturers including Hanita Coatings and Solamatrix.

Film Pacific imports and sells the largest range of window films for automotive, commercial, domestic, safety and security applications. For special decorative and display uses we sell graphics films. In addition to the range of films, we import and sell the largest range of tools and accessories available in Australia.

We supply to independent window tinting companies across Australia at competitive prices. We are committed to supplying the most advanced range of window film products in the world. Our range offers Manufacturer's Warranties unequalled in this industry, so when you choose SunGard, you know you have the best products, the largest choice of products, and the best support.

For special decorative and display uses, we sell a range of graphics films. In addition to our wide range of films, we import and sell the largest range of tools and accessories available in Australia.

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Window Film provides a range of benefits.

These include Increased Privacy, Reduced Glare, Improved Looks, Passenger / Household Comfort, Reduced Furniture/Upholstery fading, Screens out dangerous UV Rays which can cause skin cancer, Decrease your power use from air conditioning, Enhances your safety by increasing the shatter resistance of your windows, Results in a lower temperature in your home/car Increases value of your belongings

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