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Filters & Strainers - ALF - The Alfa Laval Filter

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The Alfa Laval Filter, ALF, is the ideal solution for protecting systems that use low quality water. For protecting heat exchangers that use seawater as the cooling media for example, the ALF is the best insurance to prevent damage caused by impurities such as sea creatures and debris.

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In a cooling system incorporating a plate heat exchanger and an ALF, polluted or corrosive water can now cool even the most sensitive process equipment. ALF is also equally well suited for use with other process liquids for which filtration is required.

Operation and design

ALF is a self cleaning pressure filter with an automatic flushing arrangement. It has a filter casing made of stainless steel (ALF-S), fibreglass reinforced polyester (ALF-P) or rubber lined carbon steel (ALF-R).

The filtration element (basket) is available with various material combinations such as 316 Stainless steel, SMO or Titanium, and with a mesh ranging from 100µm to 2500µm (0.1mm - 2.5mm)

ALF has the inlet directly in line and the outlet at a 90° angle; it is therefore suitable for installation on any 90° angle bend in proximity to the equipment to be protected.


  • Solves most fouling & clogging problems in natural water sources
  • Does not disturb operation
  • The pressure filter combines high capacity with low pressure drop
  • Offers full flow rate while preventing surface fouling caused by diminished flow velocity
  • Mounted directly in the pipe system
  • Few moving parts
  • ALF comes with a standardised control panel