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Filtration Media - AFM Media

Supplier: Gebel Aquasafe

AFM filter media prevents the formation of toxic chemicals, making chlorine safe to use.

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AFM is an Activated Filter Media, manufactured and activated by Dryden Aqua under ISO procedures to have a high negative Zeta potential and catalytic self-sterilising properties.

AFM is manufactured from reprocessed glass, but it is not a basic crushed glass filter media. AFM is a highly processed product which has been tested by independent UK Government laboratories and the water industry and has been certified as safe to use for all water filtration applications.

FIlter sand has by-passed the regulations because it was in use before the regulations were in place. However man-made filtration products are not exempt, and AFM is the only filtration media that is in compliance with the regulations and is safe to use for applications such as drinking water, swimming pools and aquaria.

A basic crushed glass product does not have the surface active properties, there will be a hydraulic lense effect which leads to channelling, there are also serious health implications for the public and contractors from using a basic crushed glass product.

How doesAEM Media Works:

The surface of AFM exhibits catalytic activity in the presence of oxygen. A proportion of the dissolved oxygen molecules are disassociated on the surface of AFM which increases the oxidation potential of the media.

The surface of AFM is therefore is self-sterilising. The zeta potential generates a high charge density, which attracts positively charged particles, but at the same time the slip zone prevents the particles from reaching the surface of the media.

AFM therefore attracts solids, and holds on to them, but they are prevented from bonding to the surface. The self cleaning properties mean that the media is just as effective in treating waste water such as sewage effluent as it is in treating clean water because the media does not become biofouled.

The Reasons for Using AFM

  • Up to 80% better performance than sand
  • Self sterilizing does not become biofouled
  • Almost eliminate trichloramine and THM`s
  • Effective barrier against cryptosporidium
  • Reduce Legionella and MRSA  levels
  • Excellent for iron and manganese removal
  • Lowers DOC (dissolved organic carbon)
  • Arsenic removal when combined with NoPhos
  • Can remove some toxic prescribed substances
  • 70% saving of back-wash water
  • Reduce pumping costs (lower delta P)
  • 100% environmentally sustainable
  • Filter performance is stable and predictable