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Supplier: Hanna Mig Pty Ltd
21 October, 2009

HannaMig was founded during the 80s to provide more speed and quality operations to the welding process.

At the time, Richard Hanna, who founded HM, saw a good opportunity to develop MIG welding when the technology started to move past traditional MIG welding into pulse MIG and low splatter MIG welding.

So he patented the HannaMig GasStream Diffuser, which delivers speed and quality to the weld.

Being from a boiler making and high pressure pipeline welding background, this development came about as a result of over 40 years experience on the job and the desire to continue the advancement of welding technologies.”

These days, HannaMig provides solutions to clients within the manufacturing, engineering and fabrication environments. The company also sells products.

Additionally, it trains the welding workforce in the new process and continues to provide welding services to valued clients.

One recent job, at the Hazelwood Power Station in Victoria, involved the refurbishment of boiler wall tubes and super heat tubes, including window welding, which was previously not attempted with MIG welding processes.

It's very rewarding meeting welders, supervisors, project engineers, and managers in the industry and watching their eyes light up when they see for the first time what a HM torch can do when it comes to welding their pipe work on their job,” says Hanna.

The philosophy of HannaMig is to provide advanced welding technology in the field of high pressure pipe welding.

Hanna adds that the best results are provided when the Hanna Mig torch and Gas stream Diffuser are used together with the new low splatter welding power source.

"The T120 and T140 HM torches are excellent for use in boiler wall tubes and super heater tubes in restricted areas.

"The T200 is the general workshop torch for welding process equipment in a heavier pipe gauge. As for the T300, this is more suitable for heavy schedules, such as steam reheater lines that are 600mm in diameter, 30mm in wall thickness and are made out of chrome molley, which are found in position pipework at Yallorn Power Station.”

He says that the need for the HM torch arised from the demand in the market for specialised torches for particular tasks.

“The T120 and T140 are specifically designed for 'difficult to access' areas, which is a battle welders have had to deal with for generations, with the use of heavy cumbersome torches in restricted areas.”

So rather than a one size fits all approach, HannaMig says it has the right torch for the job and the operator can complete the job with speed and quality in the weld.

The main problem with the standard MIG torch revolves around its turbulant gas coverage,” says Hanna. “But the HM torch provides laminar flow over horizon gas coverage.”

Problems often experienced with MIG torches usually involve the porosity in the weld. They also include the inability of the standard torch to deliver uncontaminated gas coverage; its non resistance to wind flow in a large workshop situation and how it deals with outside applications.

In addition, the traditional torches are too large and heavy and do not have neck flexibility, which is needed to be used in a restricted or confined workspace, for example welding boiler tubes.

According to Hanna, the HM torch addresses all of these issues and more.

“Difficult to access repairs are made possible with the HM flexeneck and GD120 gas stream diffuser head, which is lightweight, very small and can be held up to 25-30mm from the material. In this situation, most other torches require the torch to be positioned no further than 12mm from the material before impurities in the weld appear. This is particularly useful where wind flows are present.”

Areas of focus for HM include development procedures, as well as providing training and methods in pipe welding, plus pressure vessel welding for the following industries:

- Power stations
- Construction
- Refurbishment
- Process equipment
- High pressure pipeline construction
- Heat exchanger and process equipment construction
- Gas and oil lines
- Stainless steel and chrome molly heat exchanges

HM is unique because it’s gas stream technology is changing the way companies weld their pipework,” says Hanna.

“It addresses speed for the operator, the quality of the weld pool, porosity in the weld, situations where access is difficult or when welding is done outside of a workshop. On top of that, our equipment can be used for welding at acute angles, enhanced root run fusion, over horizon gas cover and the extra stickout provides much greater visibility of the weld pool.”

Other services provided by HM include after sales service, training on welding techniques for all HM products, developing weld procedures and fabrication methods, as well as providing welding contract services.

HannaMig is dynamic and always has one foot in tomorrow with the development of new and exciting products,” adds Hanna.

2009 has been a big year for HM with product sales increasing by double digits. Our focus in 2010 will be about keeping up with demand and creating further torch designs.”