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Finding your 3D CAD product too slow?

Supplier: EDGE plm software
07 October, 2014

It was at Dan Staples' What's New in ST7 presentation at Solid Edge University this year that it became clear that Solid Edge ST7 was Built for Speed.

It presented to the world the quickest, most efficient version of Solid Edge to date. The latest version uses new and improved features which help you shave off certain tasks and functions, creating time saving enhancements.

Below are just some of the many reasons why Solid Edge ST7 is Built for Speed.

ST7 allows you to Change the Background. You are now able to right click on the background of a document and gain access to the dialog for changing the background more quickly. It's now just three clicks instead of seven. An even more efficient and quicker method is to save a new template with the background already set, and use the new template management tools to help you get to it.

It allows Multiple Sketch Relations and Object-action/Action-object. Previous versions to ST7 allowed you to make multiple sketch relations, but ST7 most definitely makes it simpler. Particularly for people who are new to the software. In ST7, you can box select several elements and click on a relation icon, Solid Edge sorts out the selection for you and makes the assignments. The old way still works as well.

The Hole Tool is one of the most popular enhancements in the ST7 release. It is more visual, offers more settings and offers options for the function of the hole (screw clearance, drill size, or dowel), in addition to the saved settings many users have relied on until now. You can also specify edge breaks/chamfers for sharp edges in the hole, and add head clearance for specific bolt types. Beyond just adding this geometry to the 3D model, ST7 also adds callouts for these items on the drawing. Instead of needing to go multiple places to set all of this up, it is taken care of at once. That will save some time for people who put lots of holes on parts.

You can now display the Centre of Mass on Drawing Views. You can now display a symbol at the centre of mass for an assembly. You can now also Automatically Coordinate Dimensions on the Drawing. You can select filtered keypoints by view or by selecting geometry. This places and auto-spaces the dimensions. Use the Keypoint options to filter the keypoints. It doesn't take up too much space on the page, but it saves a lot of time. You can now assign a direction to the Auto-Balloon Function as well as supply an alignment shape.

These are just some of the time saving devices in the latest version of Solid Edge, ST7.

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