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Fire Fighting Foam

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Fire fighting foam is used to control and extinguish large fires by smothering, suppressing vapours and cooling.

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When proportioned with water, at the nominated percentage, and applied with conventional air aspirating or non-aspirating fire fighting equipment, class 'B' fire fighting foam agents provide rapid fire control and extinguishment of flammable liquid fires.

Chubb offers a range of 3M fire fighting foams that are suitable for use on different fire hazards including flammable liquids, paper, fabric and wood materials.

Minimise Risk

Don't wait for an emergency to occur before determining whether your foam equipment is prepared for a flammable liquid emergency.

Chubb can provide an inexpensive training foam concentrate that looks and proportions just like foam and is easy to clean up.

This foam allows you to precisely guage the accuracy of your metering and proportioning equipment as well as the reach and expansion rate of your foam nozzles.

Fire Fighting Foam Features:

RF - 6 ( 6%)

  • Foam concentrate developed for control and extinguishment of class B flammable liquid hydrocarbon fuel fires. 
  • Contains no fluorochemical surfactants or protein based components.
  • More environmentally friendly than traditional foams.
  • ICAO level B Approval.

RF - 3 ( 3% )

  • Offers an alternative to traditional foams.
  • Same properties as the RF-6, however, RF-3 produces the same quantity of finished foam as 6% using half the amount of concentrate.
  • ICAO level B Approval.

BFFF ( 1% ) Fire-Brake

  • Class A foam providing faster wetting, deeper penetration, less evaporation and run off. 
  • Fully biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • Penetrates wood materials and helps to control or extinguish bush fires more rapidly.
  • NFPA 298/1989 Approval.

Hi -Ex (High Expansion)

  • Reduces available oxygen to create an inert atmosphere by filling space with foam bubbles.
  • Effective in confined spaces such as mine shafts, tunnels, basements and ships.

Training Foam

  • A low cost and effective way to train for flammable liquid emergencies.
  • Looks and proportions like AFFF yet costs less with minimal pollution and clean up. 
  • Enables fires to be easily relit during training exercises.

Fire Fighting Training

As a registered training organisation, Chubb can provide a range of courses specifically developed for people who work within fire and emergency response industries.