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Fire Order Compliance

Supplier: Future Safe Security

All around Australia, Building Owners, Agents and Managers are responsible and accountable for the maintenance of essential services. The following must be achieved in order to comply with these obligations.

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Fire Order Compliance

  • Essential services must be identified and maintained to specific standards and frequencies.
  • Maintenance records must be kept on the premises.
  • Compliance reports must be completed and displayed (or lodged) where required.

FutureSafe has responded to this complicated task by developing our essential service Inspection. we offer a simple, cost effective tool, which helps building owners, agents and managers meet their essential service responsibilities.

We can also inspect Air Conditioning Ducts for compliance and upgrade these if necessary.

Building application submissions to local councils may also invoke fire safety orders which require upgrading or servicing of fire protection and egress. Our personnel can provide cost effective options to meet these requirements.

FutureSafe are committed to providing long term maintenance of essential service as proved by our extensive experience in the fire protection industry, and constant research to improve the quality and standard of our services.