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Fire Protection for Mining Machines

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Large off road mining machines often work long hours under demanding conditions and are at a high risk of catching on fire.

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The size of these machines means that in many cases, operators may not be aware of a fire until it has advanced to a stage where fire extinguishers are impractical and unable to be used.

The cost to your business in lost productivity from damaged equipment and injured staff, as well as the cost to replace machines can be high. Chubb understands this and has developed a fire suppression system suitable for small and large machines.

Fire Protection You Can Trust

Chubb's QS II pre-engineered foam system provides fire protection for your machines, with both manual actuation and automatic detection and actuation options.

Should a fire occur, the system has the capability with the shut down alarm panel, to notify the operator and shut down the machine. For increased operational safety, an automatic shut down time delay option is available, allowing operators to manually increase the time delay if necessary.

While the fire is being detected and the machine is shutting down, the QS II system discharges Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), a water based extinguishing agent that removes heat from the fire and reduces the chance of re-ignition.

Features of the QS II Standard Fire Suppression System:

  • Choice of two types of detection and actuation methods 
  • Comprehensive national computer design program and commissioning database 
  • Comprehensive risk assessment and commissioning documentation 
  • Manual and automatic operation 
  • System status monitoring through fire alarm panel 
  • Engine shut down and delay option capability through fire alarm panel 

Increased Protection through Dual Detection Option

For shovels, excavators and other large machines, fire can often occur outside of the engine bay, where standard fire protection systems are unable to detect a fire.

Chubb's QS II dual detection option adds an additional level of fire detection covering a broader area and provides unparalleled fire protection for not only your large machines, but also your staff.

The difference between QS II dual detection and other fire protection systems lies in the automatic detection of fire and shut down of the engine, eliminating reliance on your staff to shut down the machine before escaping from the fire.

Dual detection offers you:

  • Proven spread spectrum UV detection 
  • Calibrated for hydrocarbon fires with 90 field of vision over a 10m range 
  • Automatic detection of fire in both open and closed areas of the machine 
  • Automatic shut down of engine when a fire is detected 
  • 6 hour battery back up 
  • Continuous system optical performance checks 
  •  Proven reduction in false alarms 
  • Delayed release and isolate option for machine operators 
  • Comprehensive fault check 
  • Designed specifically for your requirements 
  • Capability to expand system to protect other risk areas