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Fire protection solutions for breakfast cereal production

Supplier: ProDetec By: Buddy Barakat
01 October, 2014

ProDetec offers tailor-made spark and flame detection and extinguishing systems for the protection of cereal production with the aim to avoid unnecessary interruptions and damages to the process.

Overheated cereals that are transported in the process are one of the main causes of the fire-related problems in the cereal production industry.

ProDetec uses Firefly fast IR radiation detection in combination with suppression and/or diversion.
The codes for the use of equipment in the food industry are very strict. ProDetec therefore tailors a Firefly protection system to accommodate these parameters.
Firefly equipment for the food industry contains stainless steel and other food-approved materials. To provide effective protection against fires and explosions, ProDetec uses Firefly IR-radiation detection and flame detection in combination with either CO2 suppression or water spray extinguishing and water mist suppression if possible.
Our Firefly IR Detectors can be fitted with a special Teflon type material lens wherever the use of glass in the process is not permitted.