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Fire protection solutions for woodworking and timber industry

Supplier: ProDetec
15 October, 2013

Every factory in the process industry is different, even within the same type of business — such as the woodworking or timber industry; no two factories operate alike.

The risk for fire or a dust explosion will vary from factory to factory.

Ignition sources can ignite the product, in the worst case while in storage, or it can ignite collected dust in the dust removal system (dust filter). The result can be devastating fires resulting in damages and costly production downtime.

Both ProDetec and Firefly competent staff have vast experience in the woodworking/timber industry and the highest technical skills necessary to design a safe fire prevention solution for your company.

ProDetec work very closely with you to create tailor-made solutions that will fit your operation. Our systems have been used across Australia and New Zealand since the early 1990.

In order to protect your process and factory from fire and dust explosions:

  • You need a fast and reliable system of the highest technical standard
  • You need a tailor-made system
  • You need detection of potential hazards: i.e. sparks and hot particles occurring in your process
  • You need a system which is not sensitive to daylight, thus minimising numerous false alarms and costly downtime
  • You need an extinguishing method adapted to your process to minimise the risk of water damage

Firefly has developed several unique solutions for the woodworking industry. With these solutions we can effectively protect your company against costly fires and dust explosions:

  • Filter and Silo protection
  • PlanerGuard
  • Band saw protection
  • SanderGuard
  • PressGuard