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Fire risk management

Supplier: simPRO Software
31 July, 2012

Fire risk management was founded in 1995 with the intention of helping building owners achieve fire compliance within the standards of the New Zealand building code.

Director Peter Menzies commenced a long career with the New Zealand Fire Service in 1968 and has trained fire officers throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands in command and control, emergency management and fire service operations.

"With simPRO we work smarter, with better technology and less frustration."

 Peter Menzies – Fire Risk Management

With this depth of knowledge in the field, Peter has excelled in the safety aspects of Fire Risk. Today, the speed at which his company can compile reports means less downtime between jobs. "The staff member can carry out the inspection, complete the report on the job and it goes back to the office meaning that it can be completed before the serviceman leaves the building." "We can send out our invoice the same day the work is done. At the end of each day, the day's work is completed and filed. Its fantastic."

See more of what Peter had to say about simPRO in the video below.

Fire risk management