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First crane of its kind to come to NSW and offer new capabilities

Supplier: Botany Cranes and Forklft Services
02 December, 2008

Botany Cranes has been running for 45 years and specialises in hiring out mobile cranes, training people in crane operating, dogging, rigging, how to use a forklift and the company also sells lifting equipment.

John Medland, the managing director of the company, joined it in 1998 when his mother and her husband purchased the company. When her husband got ill, Medland became a director with his mother.

He says that he really enjoys working in the crane industry. “I enjoy the crane industry because of the large variety of work and customers involved.

“The latest product we are offering is the LTR 1100 100 tonne hydraulic crawler crane, which will arrive in February. Unlike a mobile crane, it is not static and it can lift, pick and carry loads. It runs along tracks, which means it can travel on soft uneven ground that a mobile crane cannot travel on.

Due to it having a hydraulic boom, it does not have the long set up time of a conventional crawler crane, he adds.

“It is useful for larger sites that have soft ground and confined conditions. It is also good for sites that are long. Instead of having a very large crane, the crawler crane can travel along the side and service the whole building. It will be the first one of its kind to be purchased in NSW.”

Medland says that the company also has a fleet of 20 mobile cranes ranging from three tonne mini crawler cranes to 130 tonne all terrain cranes. In addition, the company hires forklifts, offers a tilt tray, semi trailer, a training section and provides lifting equipment sales.