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Five tips for hitting the recharge button

Supplier: Mitrefinch Australia By: Katrina Hall
04 February, 2016

Relaxation and good vibes of the Christmas/ New Year holidays beginning to wear off? Here are a few helpful hints and tips for hitting the recharge button to get you working hard again (instead of hardly working!)

1) Take regular breaks. If you or your employees have a large stockpile of annual leave, and you’re feeling a bit burnt out, why not think about taking a day off from your annual leave? Sometimes just one extra day spent sleeping in and watching TV can recharge the batteries, and have the added benefit of reducing sick leave and absenteeism.

2) Food, Fitness and Fun. The importance of these three things cannot be underestimated for their positive influence on productivity and general wellbeing. If you’re feeling tired and rundown, and the things you need to do are taking longer than they should at work, perhaps you need a healthy snack, a brisk walk or jog after work, or a spot of fun. Even sharing a good dad joke, or watching a silly cat video for 2 minutes might do the trick!

3) Change things up. Sometimes if you’re feeling rundown by a large task, it might help to switch to doing something else for a little while. It could be five minutes, or an hour. Clearing your mind by switching to something else can give you a chance to regenerate your energy levels and smash it again when you’re fresh.

4) Deep breaths, meditation, music. Enough said!

5) Take a tech break. It’s a well-known fact that looking at a screen for too long can make your eyes tired, and give you a headache. Research shared by Quartz shows that Australians spend almost 400 minutes per day looking at a screen. Now excuse me while I step away from the computer!

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