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Flair Engineering | Professional Design & Development of Controllers

Flair Engineering

Flair Engineering offers professional design and development of controllers and software used to control industrial machinery and processes, specialising in solutions for renewable energy projects and small machine automation.

A control solution from us, developed for your needs, offers significant advantages over off-the-shelf systems.

• Lower costs, improved customisation and functionality to boost productivity are possible
• Potentially better performance and reliability than systems from major suppliers; there is no need for the complexity and overhead required by these systems to be able to adapt to hundreds of different applications
• Develop the control electronics and software to be in-sync with the machine hardware. No need to interface to a wide range of control systems, or 'adapt' someone else's controls to suit your machine

With practical experience on remote, grid connected, solar power systems operating around Australia, machine automation and test and measurement applications, we can give your product the power and flexibility to meet your requirements and reduce the need for operator intervention, resulting in lower operating costs for your customers.

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