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Fleet Management System | ForkTrack

Supplier: Adaptalift Hyster

Adaptalift Hyster has developed and introduced ForkTrack, the most advanced forklift fleet management system.

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ForkTrack is exclusive to AAL Hyster customers and includes a range of features.

Forklift Fleet Management System - ForkTrack Features

    1. Driver Verification
      In built card reader to ensure that only authorised and accredited drivers are operating site vehicles. Operators must first scan their ID card. If the card is valid, they will hear a beep and will then be able to start the vehicle. Existing on site ID cards can be integrated to work with ForkTrack's card reader.
    2. Impact Sensing
      Highly accurate 2 axis Impact Sensor with two trigger levels to identify significant impact and critical impact, with the option to shut down the vehicle on a critical impact, with restart only after a supervisor unlocks the system with a swipe card.
    3. Safety Interlocks
      Prevent the forklift from being started unless certain prestart procedures have been completed. These interlocks include:
      1. Seat - operator must sit in the seat before they can start the forklift
      2. Seatbelt – the operator must fasten their seatbelt before they can start the forklift
      3. Handbrake – the operator cannot leave their seat without applying the handbrake (If they do, the warning buzzer will sound)
    4. Overspeed Sensing
      The current speed of the vehicle is clearly shown at all times via the ForkTrack monitor. If the speed of the vehicle exceeds the user set maximum speed limit, the driver is alerted via a warning buzzer.
    5. Engine Shutdown Timer
      To avoid the potentially dangerous situation of vehicles being left running whilst unattended, the Engine Shutdown Timer shuts down the engine if the vehicle is idle for a predetermined amount of time.
    6. Engine Vital Sensors
      ForkTrack gives AAL fleet customers a clear picture of the performance of each of their vehicle's engines. Vital data such as oil pressure, coolant temperature and hydraulic fluid level is all stored and can be downloaded.
    7. Transmission Interlock
      Transmission Interlock prevents the operator from changing from forward gear to reverse gear (or vice versa) if the speed of the vehicle is above a set speed or set throttle body position. This reduces tyre and transmission wear.
    8. Warning Buzzer
      The buzzer is used to alert and warn the operator of selected unsafe events occurring. For example, attempting to lift a load above the safe working limit, or exceeding the designated speed limit.
    9. Weight Gauge
      The weight of the lifted load is clearly displayed via the ForkTrack monitor. If a load is greater than the safe working limit, a buzzer will sound and alert the operator. Consecutive loads can be added together to calculate the overall weight lifted.
    10. Online Reporting

ForkTrack Online Reporting gives fleet managers powerful, real-time control and visibility over their entire industrial fleet. The unique system allows fleet managers, OH&S managers and supervisors to monitor, manage and analyse at company, division, site and vehicle levels. A specifically designed 'dashboard' handles the data analysis, providing clear, concise and interactive charts to enable first glance awareness of fleet performance, efficiency and safety.


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