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Flexible PVC swing doors from DMF

Supplier: DMF International By: SF
13 July, 2012

The Swingflex door is a popular type of soft-swing type traffic door suitable for a variety of applications

DMF International are Australian manufacturers of the popular flexible PVC Swingflex doors, used in many types of applications such as warehousing, kitchens in commercial areas, labs, supermarkets hospitals, freezers and coolrooms, workshops and mining facilities.

The Swingflex doors are low noise in operation, and designed for protecting a working environment from temperature, dust, noise. They are suitable for pedestrian traffic, trolleys, and heavy duty designs are provided for forklift traffic.

DMF manufacture the doors using a high-quality flexible PVC which has very stable plasticisers. This results in the PVC not becoming "oily" over a period of time due to the leaching of plasticiser that occurs in lesser quality forms of flexible PVC.

The flexible PVC can be an all-clear finish, satin / translucent finish, or have coloured-laminate finishes, together with see-through window sections.

These popular doors can be opened in either direction by pushing through, and will close automatically by a torque spring with variable adjustment.

The frames are clear anodised aluminium and these may be powder-coated to suit your décor. Sealing to the door jamb is achieved by either PVC or twin brush seals.

Swingflex doors