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Flexible Separators

Supplier: Flexitank

FTA manufactures a range of flexible separators which can be applied to a range of hydraulic and rubber/plastics extrusion processes.

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The premise of the flexible separator is a simple one. Manufactured from hydraulic oil and contaminant resistant material, the flexible separator is manufactured as a pillow style bladder equipped with a stem in the centre.

There are two basic applications for the separator:

  • To prevent any ingress of contaminants into a hydraulic system through the reservoir – air that is normally drawn into and expelled from the reservoir during a cycle is instead totally contained within the separator. The expanding and contracting separator helps to ensure that near atmospheric pressure remains in the tank.
  • To act as an overflow for any machine where contaminant liquids are used. As the machine goes though a cycle and may need to expel oils for part of that cycle, the separator acts as a holding bladder for the oil. Once the part of the cycle is complete, the oil held in the separator is then reintroduced to the cycle, reducing wastage and manufacturing costs.

FTA employ’s a unique three line welding system which ensures the integrity of the bladder whilst in use

Each separator is typically manufactured with a ¾”stem on the centre of the top so it can be easily applied to any application. This is a brass fitting, which can be changed to stainless steel if required.

The volume of the separator should be 25% larger than the maximum volume it is required to handle – this will prevent damage to both the equipment in use and the separator.

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