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Supplier: Trotec Laser By: Suraya Diamond-Coorey
22 February, 2018

Speedy Flexx: 2 Laser Sources, 1 Machine…

Here at Trotec, there are lots of different laser machines to choose from… some that engrave, some that cut and some that do everything in between! Some machines are, however, limited in what they can do. For example, a CO2 laser cannot mark uncoated metals without a special marking solution, but a Fiber laser can. Yet, the CO2 laser is better suited for engraving things like acrylic and wood. It can get very confusing… But fret not! – You don’t have to worry about clashing applications with Trotec!

With a Speedy Flexx machine, you are free to process mixed materials with ease. Switching between different laser sources is as simple as clicking your mouse. Your application possibilities will expand massively if you switch your CO2 or Fiber machine to a Flexx… so why not? Here at Trotec, we have always been dedicated to making our customers more profitable… and this is the best way to do so! Expand your product range and beat the competition!

You’ll even be able to save yourself production time, effort and money by combining your laser sources – no more switching between two machines! And, the Flexx machines use the same laser software (JobControl) as the regular Speedy laser machines. So, you won’t even need to learn a new system!

The best part? You can upgrade any Speedy laser machine to a Flexx whenever you want! Contact us now to talk about upgrading your Speedy machine.

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