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Flight installation and chain assembly made easy

Supplier: 4B Australia
19 February, 2013

The Bolt 'N' Go flight system is a revolutionary assembly method for drop forged and round link conveyor chain.

Link and flight assembly is made easy by using a standard bolt and locknut with a case hardened high tensile hollow pin. 

There are no circlips and no need for intricate assembly. There is also no welding of flights, no need to remove chain from the conveyor for installation, and no issues with strength. Just bolt the links and the flights together. It's easy, simple and reliable.

Traditional chain systems use pins and circlips. The disadvantage of this type of system, is that during any maintenance repairs on the chain, the whole chain would have to be lifted out of the conveyor to conduct repairs. This results in large down time in production and high maintenance costs.

One of the first installations to use this system was CHS - Superior, WI in November 2006. The facility handles several commodities which include wheat and soybeans at the rate of around 70,000,000 bushels per annum. They have several drag conveyors which use drop forged chain, with the traditional pin and circlip assembly.

While this has proved a reliable assembly method for them, it has proved to be time consuming when changing out bent or broken chain flights. CHS then decided to try 4B's Bolt 'N' Go system, which proved to be the solution to their maintenance problem.

"We installed 4B's new Bolt 'N' Go chain, and I am pleased with the results," Bill Hoffer, Head of Maintenance, said.

"The Bolt 'N' Go chain is very easy and fast to install and maintain, as you eliminate the need to separate the chain each time while installing a new flight. Also there is no need to slacken off the chain or re-tension while changing flights. This alone will save untold hours on the routine maintenance of these conveyors."

He added: "The Bolt 'N' Go system has been in service for well over 12 months, is running great and we have had no problems."

The Bolt 'N' Go chain system is available for 102 mm, 142 mm standard and 142 mm heavy metric link sizes. Steel or Nylon flights are also available. The Bolt 'N' Go steel flights are not required to be as thick as the welded variety, since welded flights need to be so thick in order to compensate for the weld. Due to the consistency in their construction combined with being bolted to the links and not welded, the steel Bolt 'N' Go flights are stronger and more reliable than traditional systems. Flights wider than 400mm use steel backing plates for extra strength and resistance. 

The heavy duty nylon flights bolt directly to the link without the need for additional steel backing flights.  The Nylon flights also have excellent wear, strength and resistance capabilities. The Bolt 'N' Go system is also available for round link chain, using nylon flights which are bolted directly to the chain.  Chain can be supplied in a coil together with the bolt on flights already assembled.

The Bolt 'N' Go system is all about making life simple for the end user, by making it easy to use, inexpensive and above all, provide companies with lower maintenance and down time costs.