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FLIR A-Series Infrared Cameras Used For Flare Detection

Supplier: FLIR Systems Australia
08 October, 2009

Flames and smoke on the huge torches that surround oil and chemical processing plants are important indicators.

These show that process gases are burnt as required and that production goes well. The flares are often watched by visual cameras. ThermaCAM A-Series infrared cameras, however offer some distinct advantages.

Flaring is the process by which by-product gas from the refining process is burned off in a flaring device. Alterations in temperature and pressure during production processes can generate excess gas. To protect staff and equipment this pressure is relieved by diverting the excess gas to the flare.

The Application: A Clear View
Infrared imaging is based on heat detection. The infrared camera can see through fog and offers the same visibility quality day and night, providing more safety.

The Infrared Camera: Integration Ability
The ThermoVision A-series is a compact infrared camera system with a maintenance-free uncooled microbolometer detector. It provides analogue and digital outputs for video, FireWire and Ethernet data transfer to a PC. An SDK package enables easy integration into existing control and analysis software for flare detection systems.

Aloatec, a system integrator specialized in vision solutions for the heavy industry sectors based in Calais, France, has chosen the A-series camera as its preferred infrared camera system for flare detection applications. Its solution Aloa_DETECT, integrates visual and infrared camera systems into a real-time control and analysis software that checks the flare stack, monitors pilot flames for plant safety and gas combustion for environmental reasons. The system also detects harmful black smoke development, while providing alarm functions as well as a web-based connectivity to the customer’s intranet.

“The flame has to burn always,” says Philippe Bourrier, general manager of Aloatec. “The infrared camera is an additional information source that significantly improves the visual control of the flare. As a maintenance free, reliable and intelligent camera system, the ThermoVision A-Series camera provides all required features to be successfully applied for flare stack detection.”