FLIR Ex-Series for Electrical and Mechanical Applications

Supplier: FLIR Systems Australia
19 June, 2015

The FLIR Ex-Series thermal imaging cameras are widely used for building inspections. Energy losses, wet areas, mould build-up, leaks in roofs, underlying constructions, problems with HVAC installations, can all be seamlessly detected with the help of a thermal imaging camera.

Now FLIR takes thermal imaging up another innovative notch with MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging), bringing together the key elements of what you can see with your own eyes and what you can only perceive with an infrared camera to form one striking, definitive image. So there's no more guesswork or messing around with extra photos.

The FLIR E4, E5, E6 and E8 Infrared Cameras are the first real infrared cameras with thermal, visible and MSX imaging starting at an entry level price.

Use thermal imaging for reliable, non-contact testing. Scan, visualize and analyse temperatures of mechanical equipment and electrical systems quickly and accurately. Join the growing group of users around the world benefitting from the cost-savings that a solid thermography program can provide.

Affordable Resolution Choices

From the 4800-pixel thermal image clarity of the E4 to the E8's incredible 320x240 detector with 76,800 pixels, FLIR Ex-Series cameras offer a resolution to fit the target size, working distance and detail required for your application as well as your budget.

Now every technician can afford to keep an E-Series camera handy for quick equipment scans and safety checks. Easier to use than a smartphone, FLIR's economical thermal imagers offer everything you need for on-the-spot thermal inspections. These are invaluable tools that can help you clearly see and find hidden electrical and mechanical overheating in time to stop problems from turning into serious, expensive trouble. With an E4, E5, E6 or E8, you'll become a well-armed preventive action hero.

What E4, E5, E6 and E8 cameras offer

Amazing image quality and measurement accuracy.

  • Wide field of view, excellent for building applications.
  • MSX, FLIR's patented image processing, gives you visible details in live and saved images.
  • Fully radiometric jpeg images allow you to measure any area of the image in post processing.
  • Light and rugged with long battery run times.
  • Four best-in-class imagers - E4 – 4,800 pixels
  • Highly-affordable MSX imagery - E5 – 10,800 pixels
  • Auto hot or cold spot efficiency - E6 – 19,200 pixels, E8 – 76,800 pixels
  • 4 times the resolution of E6

E4 through E8 are extremely handy for quick, short-range inspections and are ideal for utility trouble-shooters, HVAC pros and facility maintenance.

  • Perfect for quick scans and safety checks
  • Far more effective than IR temp guns
  • Rugged and affordable enough for everyone
  • Includes excellent software for Mac and PC

FLIR Software Options

FLIR Tools Mobile – The free Wi-Fi App for Android™ devices

The new line of FLIR electrical and moisture meters can send measurement data directly to the FLIR Tools Mobile app on your Android device. Enabling you to monitor readings from a distance, FLIR Tools Mobile is useful when you need to capture measurement data in hazardous and hard-to-reach inspection areas, or when you want to allow other people to see data as it's captured in real time.

And in Version 3.0, the FLIR Tools Mobile app for Android allows users to create a data snapshot file. Users may add comments, attach images from the Android device's camera, or record a voice comment. This inspection overview is compiled into a snapshot file that can be viewed, saved, emailed to your customers, co-workers and managers, and exported to PDF for use in reports.

Powerful FLIR software

FLIR Tools for PC and Mac OS

No matter what handheld FLIR thermography camera you choose, FLIR wants you to be able to share important images with others efficiently and professionally, that's why all FLIR cameras come with FLIR Tools.

Key features:

  • Import images from your camera via USB.
  • Search for images using file name, text description, and other image properties.
  • Analyse and tune radiometric images and further measure temperatures.
  • Create PDF reports from a variety of pre-defined template formats or customise your own.
  • Remotely control USB Video, Ethernet and Firewire cameras.
  • Update camera firmware.
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