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FLIR IR windows for safer electrical inspections

24 June, 2013

Put that added safety between you and energised equipment and protect yourself from the dangers of potential arc flash.

Arc flash is a sudden, explosive electrical arc that results from a short circuit through air.

Arc Flash conditions:

  • Dropped tools or other sources of sparks near energised equipment.
  • Gaps in insulating materials which expose conducting surfaces.
  • Corroded or improperly installed/maintained equipment.

Tasks where Arc Flash is likely to occur under these conditions:

  • Removing panels and opening electrical equipment doors.
  • Racking breakers.
  • Opening and closing breakers.
  • Taking voltage measurements.

The costs in lives, livelihoods, and liability claims can be enormous.

New FLIR IR Windows now offer a solution to help reduce exposure so you can perform scans safely, more efficiently and confidently.

Where are IR Windows required?

  • Medium and high voltage switchgear
  • Low voltage switchgear
  • Motor terminal boxes
  • Transformer termination boxes
  • Bus duct
  • Motor control centres
  • Generators
  • Busbar systems


Easy installation – Only one hole to drill and FLIR's single PIRma-Lock ring nut to tighten.

PIRma-Lock™ reliability – Tried and true locknut technology with teeth that bite tight to the inside of the panel.

Quick access hinged cover – IR Windows' simple flip-open covers with integrated equipment ID label stay permanently attached so it never gets dropped, mismatched, or lost.

Broadband transmissionCrystal lens supports short, mid, and long wave IR cameras, visual inspections, and fusion technology. Suitable for any FLIR camera.