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FLIR perimeter security systems slash power bills

Supplier: FLIR Systems Australia
24 April, 2013

As power costs continue to soar, virtual perimeter alert systems like FLIR Systems Thermal Fence could save industrial property owners millions of dollars in construction and annual lighting costs.

With power prices hitting new highs and tipped to rise by around 40 per cent in the next 12 months, virtual perimeter alert systems – which require much less artificial light – are increasingly being considered to reduce power bills without compromising safety and security.

FLIR Systems Thermal Fence is a fully integrated virtual perimeter alert system using thermal security cameras for simultaneous threat detection and assessment.

The turnkey system is a unique combination of thermal security cameras, video analytics software and other intrusion detection sensors for integrating and displaying the status and feedback from all of your perimeter security sensors on one convenient display.

This potent combination of FLIR's thermal security cameras and the FLIR Sensors Manager (FSM) software provides automated perimeter approach surveillance, intrusion detection and alert capabilities for every perimeter security application including critical infrastructure, petro-chemical facilities, ports, prisons, commercial campuses and residential installations.

Thermal security cameras make pictures from heat not light, so they can see clearly in total darkness and through smoke, dust and light fog. They allow you to see more and see farther than any other night vision technology on the market today, and even see clearly in blinding sunlight.

In its simplest form, a Thermal Fence could be a single thermal security camera and a box of FLIR Sensor Manager software. With these simple components, you can establish a virtual perimeter, create customized alarms and tripwires to alert you instantly to potential intrusions.

Or it can be as complex as it needs to be for a seamless, layered perimeter defence system integrating multiple thermal imaging cameras, CCTV cameras and non-video alarm sensors like shaker fences and RFIDs on your existing IP network.

Less expensive than installing a new physical barrier and less intrusive than expensive lighting infrastructure, the FLIR Thermal Fence allows security professionals to:

  • Boost their alarm detection and assessment capabilities along existing physical fence lines
  • Establish a virtual perimeter in areas that cannot be fenced due to economic, environmental, or logistical restrictions
  • Bolster the security of critical zones within existing secured perimeters by creating exclusion zones and establishing concentric rings of increasingly stringent security coverage

Raven: The Free Web Based Site Planning Tool

FLIR has also introduced Raven – a free web-based tool using Google Maps that allows you to design your entire security application and camera layout using the FLIR Raven Site Planning Tool.

Raven is an interactive thermal security site planning tool for FLIR security and surveillance thermal imaging cameras. It can handle up to 50 cameras at a time and conveniently displays both range and location for each camera specified. Using Raven, you can choose from a complete list of all thermal imaging cameras currently available in the FLIR security and border security product range.

It will show you the area of detection coverage, allowing you to plan which cameras you need to have installed and where. It is now very easy to quickly determine areas of vulnerability within your security network.