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FLIR T600bx for Building Professionals

Supplier: FLIR Systems Australia

The FLIR T620bx/T640bx thermal imaging cameras were introduced in 2011. The camera series is designed for the expert requiring high performance and the latest technology available and were nominated and rewarded by several magazines and organisations.

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The FLIR T600bx produces thermal images of 480 x 360 pixels. The measurement range lies between -40° C and +650°C. The FLIR T600bx also incorporates a 5 megapixel visual camera. It generates crisp visual images that can be used as a reference against the thermal image in all conditions.

Thermal images and visual images are stored simultaneously when pushing a button. A LED lamp allows for taking visual images also in extremely dark environments. Just like the FLIR T620bx and FLIR T640bx thermal imaging cameras the T600bx comes with a large number of features that are extremely useful for building inspections.


Features of the T600bx include:

  • Picture-in-Picture: a function for overlying the thermal image on the visual image
  • Thermal fusion: merges visual and thermal images for better analysis
  • Text and voice annotations
  • Fast autofocus
  • Insulation alarm: easily detects areas that don’t fulfill the insulation requirements
  • Humidity alarm: alerts for areas where there is a risk of condensation
  • Sketch annotations: touch the screen to add sketch annotations
  • MeterLink: allows to transfer the data acquired by an Extech clampmeter wirelessly to the FLIR T600bx
  • Instant reports: allows for creating reports directly inside the camera
  • WiFi interface: allows to wirelessly send images to a PC, tablet PC or smartphone as well as remote control of the camera


FLIR T620bx/T640bx upgrades with industry first features

The successful FLIR T620bx/FLIR T640bx produce thermal images of 640 x 480 pixels. The thermal imaging cameras incorporate all features of the FLIR T600bx, but are offering new innovative features as well.



The FLIR T620bx/T640bx incorporate a GPS function that allows to georeference thermal images to
determine their geographic location. From now on, the exact location of possible anomalies can be determined easily.


Instant report

An ‘instant report’ of the inspection (with sketches or other text comments included) can be created directly in the FLIR T620bx/T640bx. A programmable button provides easy access to favourite functions.



Especially for the building sector a compass has been integrated in the FLIR T600bx-Series thermal imaging cameras. This way the inspector can see in which direction he is looking and to which direction a wall is oriented. This can be important information when doing building inspections.


Image sketch

Allows to clearly indicate on a saved image the location of the problem area both on the thermal and the visual image. This can be done immediately on the touch screen of the camera. The indications you make will automatically appear in the report.


Continuous auto-focus

A solution with two digital cameras allows for continuous autofocus of the thermal images. Continuous autofocus makes FLIR T640bx the first fully automatic thermal imaging camera on the market.


Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX)

The FLIR T640bx thermal imaging camera is equipped with the innovative ‘Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging´ (MSX) feature, which produces an extremely detail rich image. MSX produces better texture in a thermal image. Due to this new feature more anomalies can be detected, more detailed analysis can be done and conclusions can be drawn in a split second.

Every FLIR T600bx-Series thermal imaging camera comes with FLIR Tools software. FLIR Tools allows to import thermal images directly from the FLIR T600bx-Series to a PC for basic reporting and analysis of your findings.


Main features of FLIR Tools are:

  • Import images from the thermal imaging camera to a PC
  • Lay out, move and resize measurement tools on any thermal image
  • Create PDF imagesheets of specific images
  • Add headers, footers, and logos to reports
  • Apply filters when searching for images

Users that need more reporting functionalities can choose FLIR Reporter software which is also compatible with the new FLIR T600bx-Series.

From now on thermography experts can take advantage of a new FLIR T600bx thermal imaging camera or an updated FLIR T620bx/T640bx. All are full featured thermal imaging cameras with excellent ergonomics and extensive communication possibilities. Each expert has his or her own needs and wishes, now there is a thermal imaging camera for each expert available.