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Floor, Reflective & Tread Tapes | Signet

Supplier: Signet

Signet offers a variety of quality tape products that are used for a number of applications, including floor and hazard marking. They aid in improving warehouse and work site safety by clearly identifying dangerous areas and marking lines.


Products found in the range include tread tape, class 1 reflective tape and floor marking tape and are outlined below:

Tread Tape

  • Tread tape is versatile and can be applied to primed concrete, metal and other surfaces
  • Ideal for providing grip under foot in areas such as stairways, work areas and hazardous floors
  • Tread tape is a robust tape that is coated with an adhesive designed to reduce the possibility of slipping or falling
  • Available in black, yellow and yellow/black hazard stripe

Class 1 Reflective Tape

  • Commonly used for marking hazards, obstructions and safety zones in warehouses and work sites
  • Class 1 reflective tape has high visibility and is up to 3 times more reflective than class 2 reflective tape
  • Ideal for internal and external use, due to the tapes UV stable and waterproof qualities

Floor Marking Tape

  • Floor marking tape has excellent conformability and high adhesion allowing it to be used on a variety of floor types
  • The marking tapes high stretch properties create long lasting marks for your warehouse or worksite
  • Bright, vivid colours ensure that the tape is easily seen
  • Signet stocks a heavy and standard floor tape, which is selected depending on the level of traffic the tape is exposed to as well as a hazard tape for identifying hazardous areas

Signet also stock conspicuity tape which is used for marking trailers and trucks and as a safety measure to increase their visibility.

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