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Flooring System - Hebel® SoundFloor™

Supplier: Guardian Building Products

The Hebel® SoundFloor™ is made from a non-toxic lightweight masonry called Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAAC).

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This 50 year old European technology produces extremely small, finely dispersed air pockets within the material. Steel reinforcing mesh (which has been treated with an anti-corrosion coating) is cast into the panel, resulting in a lightweight aerated concrete panel that is strong and durable, but only a quarter of the weight of conventional veneer.

CSR Hebel SoundFloor™ panels are 75mm thick and 1800mm long x 600mm wide to suit industry standard joist spacings. Panels are generally installed by two people, without the need for special lifting equipment. Panels are fixed to joists with a combination of construction adhesive and self drilling countersinking screw fasteners. Panels are also fixed edge-to-edge to all adjoining panels using a CSR Hebel Thin Bed Adhesive.


  1. Makes a good floor even better...
    A CSR Hebel SoundFloor™ system provides the perfect solution, blending many of the solid performance characteristics of the 'concrete slab floor' with the best attributes of 'lightweight, framed floor construction'.
  2. Versatility that's hard to equal!
    CSR Hebel SoundFloor™ is a highly versatile flooring system, which is quickly installed over engineered timber or steel joists. During installation the SoundFloor™ panels are fixed to the joists with screws and adhesive. This composite action results in greater resistance to 'bounce' making SoundFloor™ an excellent solid, stable base for surface flooring.
  3. Energy Saving
    CSR Hebel SoundFloor™ systems help to keep your room temperatures more stable, reducing the energy required to heat and cool your home, and thereby reducing your energy bills and improving your thermal comfort.
  4. Peace & Privacy
    One of the most common problems in modern two storey homes is foot noise. The unique structure of SoundFloor™ assists in reducing sound transmission, and when complemented with appropriate ceiling systems, very high sound insulation performance can be achieved.
  5. Fire & Pest Resistant
    CSR Hebel SoundFloor™ is not a food source for termites and is non-combustible.
  6. Solid, Durable, but Light
    Hebel autoclaved aerated concrete products have proven their performance throughtout Australia for over  15 years and throughout Europe for more than 50 years, with just 25% the weight of conventional concrete - it remains solid and strong with a traditional concrete feel, yet lighweight.
  7. Enviro-Friendly
    The production of CSR Hebel uses less than 25% of the raw materials used to produce the same volume of standard concrete, yet with no toxic gasses and almost no waste substances. The energy efficiency of a CSR Hebel SoundFloor™ also helps to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and the creation of pollution in your home.
  8. A Sound Investment
    CSR Hebel SoundFloor™ is not a luxury, it's a sound investment for your home. When you've finished comparing alternative materials, we're sure you'll agree, it's hard to ignore the compelling advantages of CSR Hebel SoundFloor™ and Panel Wall Systems.