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Fluid Accessories - Barnes Rotary Flow Dividers

Supplier: Hydraulic Specialties - HYSPECS

Rotary flow dividers provide many useful functions from a single pump source.

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  • Synchronised operation of multiple cylinders or fluid motors.
  • Proportional division of pump output among several circuits.
  • Intensified flow pressure when pressure higher than pump capacity is needed.
  • In a rotary flow divider, horsepower-in is equal to horsepower-out with very small efficiency losses. Consequently it does not generate heat. The rotary gear flow divider consists of 2 or more gear sections connected by a common shaft. Using a common inlet port, each section has its own outlet port. Because the gear sections are connected by a common shaft, the rotation speed is the same for each gear and the flow division is exactly proportional to the displacement of each of the sections.
  • Pressure intensification is a phenomenon that is inherent in all flow divider circuits. Whenever the pressure requirement in a section is greater than another section, the pressure differential between the sections will appear in the higher pressure section as an additive to the inlet pressure. For this reason a system relief valve should be used on the inlet side.
  • The gears are unrestricted in the direction they turn, therefore flow dividers can be used to combine the separate flows into a single flow which is equal to the sum of the various inputs.

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