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Fluid Bed Scrubbers

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Clean TeQ FluidTeQ™ is a fluidised bed scrubbing technology designed to provide high efficiency and dual action. Traditionally, when gas and particulate were present in a gas stream, a two-process scheme was used, e.g. Venturi or bag house plus fixed bed scrubbers.

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FluidTeQ™ combines the two processes into a single package with savings in energy, capital cost and footprint.


The proprietary ellipsoidal packing is fluidised within the scrubber. The ascending gas and descending liquid flows are contacted counter currently within the FluidTeQ™ fluidised bed and produce a highly turbulent mix.

The rapid multiphase shearing forces generated by the turbulence leads to intimate multiple contacts. The benefit of this rapid mixing is a greatly enhanced interfacial area and mass transfer coefficients. The additional effect of rapid particle wetting with intense impacting is perfect for high removal of very fine particles.

Upgrade Fixed Bed Scrubbers

Many existing gas scrubbing systems employ fixed packing as the contacting medium between contaminated gas and liquid.

These systems are limited in their range of operations due to the limited range of viable mass transfer and pressure drop. FluidTeQ™ operates with a fluidised bed and is less prone to flooding providing a much greater operating range.

Existing packed bed scrubbers can be easily upgraded to a fluid bed system, providing increased efficiency or increased treated air volume.

Materials of Construction

The FluidTeQ™ is constructed from corrosion resistant Vinyl Ester Resin Fibreglass, 316 S.S. PVC, and ABS. The Ellipsoid Packing is chemical, heat and mechanical wear resistant.


  • Oil Refineries
  • Chemical Plants
  • Biosolids Handling
  • Smelters
  • Galvanising Plants
  • Sewerage and Wastewater
  • Fertiliser Production