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Fluid Chillers

Supplier: Fluid Chillers Australia

Fluid Chillers Australia manufacturers its "CA" series of weatherproof, air-cooled water chillers in a range with nominal capacities from 10kW to 115kW, and "CW" water cooled units are available from 10kW to 120kW.

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Multiple units are used where larger capacity is required.

Standard Features:
  • Separate Refrigeration circuits each compressor
  • Galva bond Steel frame and panels
  • Powder Coat Finish (Admiralty Grey Standard)
  • Fully Weatherproof (CA models)
  • Unique Serviceable Shell & Tube evaporator
  • Variable speed condenser fans
  • Evaporator shell Hot Dip Galvanised
  • Controls standard for Normal or Low Temperature operation
  • Capacity control, Hot Gas Bypass on single compressor units 20kw and above, Dual and Triple compressors on Larger units
Factory Fitted Options:
  • Units can be supplied with
  • Built in chilled water tank
  • Stand alone tanks to order
  • Single or dual pumps
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers
  • All copper or treated coils
  • Soft Start control
  • Heat recovery condensers
  • Water heating circuit
  • Marine condensers
  • Condensing unit only configuration
  • DDC / BMS interface capabilities
All units are suitable for chilling water down to 4ºC or glycol or ethanol water down to -10ºC.
A range of factory options is offered, from built-in water tanks, single or dual pumps, alternative refrigerants, heat recovery condensers, remote evaporators, secondary precise temperature control systems allowing Fluid Chillers to offer a standard range of chillers with fitted options to meet project requirements.
Fluid Chillers Australia has built in excess of 500 packaged water chillers since March 1999 and current production is over 100 units per year and growing.
The majority of these units have been built for Fluid Chillers Australia's customers for application in the wine, food, dairy products, packaging and related industries, with recently a greater percentage of units going to Air Conditioning and Cooling Tower replacement applications.
There are, in fact, very few manufacturing processes which do not need or employ a packaged water chiller as a primary refrigeration source. A real growth area for packaged chillers has been the food industry, both in Primary and Processing/Packaging areas.
In years gone by, large manufacturers and food processors installed quite complex industrial refrigeration systems. While the installation, maintenance and operating costs of these plants were acceptable because of their size, the costs proved to be un-economical when scaled down to suit the smaller manufacturer.
The introduction over the past twenty years or so of the small and medium capacity packaged water and brine chillers has enabled smaller manufacturers to install refrigeration systems which allow the same process control as their larger competitors.
The CA - CW chillers are Australian designed for Australian conditions. All units are weatherproof and suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.
Frames and panels are heavily powder coated over galvabond steel.
All units feature serviceable shell and tube evaporators with unique hot dip galvanised shells, and on water cooled models are mechanically cleanable. Shell and tube Marine condensers are available as an option. All vessels are built to comply with AS1210. Fluid Chillers Australia have considered plate type evaporators because of their cheaper cost, however prefer to use shell and tube vessels, because of their proven service life, and ability to handle less than pristine water conditions.
On air-cooled units, condenser coils are five row on most models, with maximum 12 FPI (Service histories have shown that coils with high fins per inch, up to 19 FPI, do not survive well under Australian conditions). All models feature an easily removable, full top panel to fully expose condenser coils, fans and motors for servicing.