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Flush Joiner

Supplier: Bridco

Ultraloc is a high strength performance retaining compound for slip fitted parts. Ideal for gap filling up to 0.15mm.

Price Guide: POA

Application Method:

Surfaces should be dry, clean and free of any contamination. Adhesive should be applied to the
part in sufficient quantity to fill the gaps.

Bridco B40 Stainless Steel cleaner is specially designed to remove tea staining and grout
from stainless steel staunchions, rails and stainless steel wire rope, ect.
B40, is a mixture of acids, selected solvents and surfactants.

B40 will not corrode stainless nor will it turn stainless green or brown as hydrochloric
based cleaners will.
Use as directed followed by B42 polish.

6 x 500ml Spray bottles per transport approved box (classified as dangerous).
Data safety sheet supplied with each box.

Bridco B 42 Stainless Steel Polish is specially designed to remove tea staining and fine
scratches from stainless steel railings, fittings ect.

B 42 deposits a protective, low surface energy water resistant layer, which repels water and
air borne contaminant's for several months, before re-application may be required.

15 x 250ml Screw cap bottles per transport approved box.
Data safety sheets supplied with each box.

                                                                                   Maintenance Requirements

Stainless Steel Maintenance

Stainless steel is not maintenance free, but maintenance friendly. When using stainless steel material outdoors
you need to clean periodically, especially in aggressive environments like coastal areas or swimming pools.
Washing regularily will reduce the risk of tea staining. For best results wash with soap or a mild detergent and
warm water, followed by rinsing with cold water. The appearance of the surface can be improved further if the
washed surface is wiped dry.

We recommend Bridco B40 cleaner and B42 polish for the best maintenance results.

For high salt or commercial applications G316 with a high or mirror polish should be used.

Satin finished products require extra maintenance especially in high salt environments. Rough surface finishes
promote tea staining: The smoother the surface finish, the better.                                                                                          A surface roughness (Ra) of less than 0.5 micrometres is strongly recommended.

Further treatments such as passivating or electrolyzing will also promote better corrosion resistance.

Please note that modular hand rail fittings, open body turnbuckles etc , in their design, also require more
regular maintenance due to gaps and crevices that trap foreign contaminants.

Stainless Steel maintenance of external applications

Rainfall on a regular basis will remove dirt, dust and other deposits from stainless steel if the design of the
facade allows. In most parts of Australia however, there is often insufficient rainfall to effectively clean external

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