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FO Inter-Connect Products FORJs & Slip Rings | Princetel

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Princetel Inc., a US manufacturer of fibre optic inter-connect products; fibre optic rotary joints, electrical slip rings, active and passive optic components,and fibre polishing machines.

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Princetel, Inc. is an US manufacturer of fiber optic inter-connect products. Their four main product lines are fiber optic rotary joints, electrical slip rings, active and passive fiber optic components, and fiber polishing machines. The privately funded company was incorporated in the fall of 2000 in the state of New Jersey and has been experiencing high level growth despite the economic slow down in the early years.

Features and Benefits of Princetel FO Inter-Connect Products and Slip Rings:

  • Like most passive fiber components, fiber optic rotary joints (FORJs) need to possess the following characters to be effective in a demanding system: low insertion loss, high return loss, low crosstalk, and high reliability.
  • Small size and light weight are often among the key factors.
  • Princetel's FORJ products meet or exceed the most stringent industrial requirements such as Telcordia GR1209 and GR1021 in all mentioned areas. Princetel also offers hybrid electrical/optical slip rings/rotary joints.
  • Fiber coupling transforms the non-circular beams of diode lasers and facilitates a flexible guide of optical beams. Princetel is capable of coupling up to 4 diode laser beams into a single fiber. Their passive components are as unique as active ones.
  • Fiber collimators can produce output beams from 70 um to 15mm in diameter. Faraday rotator mirrors with extremely low secondary reflection and high-performance fiber "U" brackets are part of the this product group.
  • Princetel's fiber polishing machines cover both field and production needs for fiber connector and ferrule polishing. Their field polishing machine has an unique hand crank eliminating the need for electrical power.
  • The motorised version can be powered by either wall power or car outlet. Adjustable force ensures a consistent dome finish. Universal fixture holds up to 3 connectors.
  • The top of the line fiber polishing machine features low body profile, small footprint, speed ramp, and a universal fixture that holds up to 12 connectors.
  • Speed, force, and polishing time are conveniently dialed with separate digital displays.
  • Princetel electrical slip rings are designed by third-party vendors to specifically match the most popular Princetel FORJs, which include the MJX, RPT, MJ2, RJ2, and MJn series.
  • The common key features of the slip rings are low maintenance and long life cycle. Princetel offers them as integrated solutions.

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