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Focus on performance and operating costs in packaging machines

Supplier: LINAK
03 June, 2014

Patients, clients and caregivers will feel increased safety with the new electronic brake control system for many different medical applications.

Industrial automation is a huge area consisting of an almost endless list of different machines for assembling, welding, packing, labelling, transporting, inspecting and many other functions on the factory floor of any given production company.

TECHLINE® has been supplying the industry for years and has vast experience and application knowledge for a wide range of machines for industrial automation.

One of them is packaging machines for which performance and operating costs are important factors.

A packaging machine is typically one of the last steps in the production line on a factory floor and the packaging process must be performed quickly, accurately and reliably.

The products must be prepared for shipping in an orderly fashion with no delays and no risk of damaging the products. This is why reliable performance with a minimum of downtime is so important for packaging machines.

TECHLINE actuator solutions provide easy integration, simple operation, electronic positioning with hall potentiometer and maintenance-free performance. Set-up is quick and so is adaption to changes.

Energy consumption is low compared to hydraulics or pneumatics and there is no risk of oil leaks.

All in all, TECHLINE actuator solutions provide a high performance, cost effective alternative for packaging machines as well as many other industrial automation applications.

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