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Focus on the Sowing Rig

Supplier: Rogro Machinery
03 November, 2010

Crucial to the success of the large-scale moisture seeking sowing program run by Gulargambone farmer, Darrell Jordison, this year was a sowing rig equipped to provide good soil penetration and accurate seed placement.

Mr. Jordison used a 12 metre Rogro planter set on 38cm row spacings to plant 780 hectares of winter crops under dry conditions in April and May on his 800 hectare farm, “Barnagrotty”.

The machine was configured to deep sow the seed into subsoil moisture about 12.5cm below the original surface and cover it with about 7.5cm of soil.

“Having each type individually depth controlled by the gauge wheel at the front of the parallelogram unit gives excellent seed placement” he said.

“We use diffuser cyclones on it where the air escapes and lets the seed drop by gravity so you are not getting seed bounce or having it blown all over the place”.

The unit was pulled by a case 9370 tractor equipped with two -centimetre GPS autosteer technology two metre controlled traffic system that eliminated overlap and driver error.

In all, Mr. Jordison planted 120ha of Cowabbie and Gairduer barley, 100ha of Sunbri wheat, 240ha of Strezlecki Wheat, 100ha of 44C73 Clearfield canola, 120ha of Yarrum field peas and 100ha of Jimbour chickpeas this season.

By the time late breaking rains arrived in mid June the crops were well established with the barley having closed over the rows and the canola already about 10cm high.

Mr. Jordison (right) is checking progress of moisture seeking chickpeas in last May with Ag ‘N’ Vet group manager field services, Ian Elliot.