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Fodder King Prospectus

Supplier: Fodder King
11 September, 2009

Get your Fodder King prospectus now

Fodder King Prospectus

Hot climate – hot prospect Get your Fodder King prospectus now

If you are an investor interested in emerging Australian companies solving environmental problems, then we invite you to obtain our prospectus so that you can consider making a timely investment in our eco-friendly company that has long-term sustainable growth potential.


Australia as a whole had a mean temperature 0.67OC above average in 2007, which was the sixth warmest year on record since 1910 when reliable Australia-wide measurements began.

Since 1979 all but four years have been warmer than average in Australia with 2005 the warmest year on record, eclipsing the previous high set in 1988 by 0.25oC.

Globally, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) records since 1861 show that 20 of the 21 warmest years have occurred since 1980, which appears to have been the warmest period of the past 2,000 years. The Australian Greenhouse Office predicts Australia could be 2oC hotter within 26 years.

And drier

Over the last 30 years, or so, the south-west of WA has experienced a dry change with average rainfall down by about one quarter and run-off down by about half. Similarly, in the southeast, average rainfall has dropped by about 20% over the last decade.

Some observers think this is like the drier period of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, while others see it as a more permanent climate change.

Need to adapt

To adapt, Australian graziers will need regular supplementary feed for their livestock when pasture conditions are poor, as the North Americans and Europeans do during their winter each year.

Fodder could become as important in Australia as it is in the USA where alfalfa (lucerne) is the third most valuable crop and where the alfalfa/livestock continuum is by far the largest and most valuable agricultural enterprise.

We expect a huge increase in demand for fodder in Australia - observing that the USA produces about 145 million tonnes each year (including about 85 million tonnes of lucerne) about 30 times more than Australia's 5 million tonnes (which includes only about 1 million tonnes of lucerne).

Fodder King’s modern solution

We have been developing the means to mass-produce and distribute quality fodder to meet increased demand from domestic and export markets.

Our around-the-clock production technology and methods can dramatically increase the supply and improve the quality of fodder produced in Australia - no longer limited to a few hours per day or night when conditions are just right.

How to participate

  • Your investment will make a difference. You can obtain our current prospectus as follows:
  • Phone 02 9558 4988 fax 02 9558 2733
  • email: fodder@fodderking.com.au home page: http://www.fodderking.com.au
  • prospectus request form: http://www.fodderking.com.au/investform.html

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