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Using patented technologies, developed by its directors, Fodder King produces high quality fodder products, which are marketed for supplementary and intensive livestock production.

Applying these technologies to harvesting and processing lucerne, clover, cereal and other fodder crops, enables Fodder King to produce consistently higher average quality fodder under a wider range of weather conditions than previously possible.

This represents a world first for Australia and results in graded, branded and differentiated fodder products that meet stringent quality specifications.

These specialised hay making processes yield much greater productivity of capital and labour, enabling the company to be more competitive in satisfying its customers needs.

As a result demand outstrips the Company’s ability to supply by a large margin.

Fodder King contracts farmers to supply it with various fodder crops to a specified standard, ready to harvest.

It purchases the crops then carries out the harvesting, processing, marketing and product distribution. The grower is paid a guaranteed price with a bonus depending upon yield and market conditions.

Fodder King has met the challenge to overcome the limitation of weather, which normally restricts hay production to a small portion of the day and only under ideal conditions.

It has successfully broken this barrier, producing high quality hay consistently throughout the day.

Fodder King's production consists of legume, cereal and pasture hays in different bale sizes. Further processing yields products such as cubes, super-compressed bales, chaff, meal, mats and pellets.

To date Fodder King has contracted other companies to further process its hay to a specification.

In the future Fodder King expects to undertake these value adding activities as part of its own production operations.

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Fodder King's customers participate in all the major livestock industries in Australia. Fodder products are essential for production feeding of beef and dairy cattle, deer, goats and horses.

Some of Australia's leading thoroughbred studs are Fodder King customers.

Fodder King has made it easier and less expensive for customers to buy fodder. Only Fodder King customers can be confident of delivery when specifying the type, quality and packaging format of fodder they require.

The market for fodder products in Australia is valued at more than A$750 million per annum ex-farm.

Fodder King has the potential to service a large percentage of the market by utilising its unique competitive advantages, including customer preference for the Company's products relative to its competitors.

Asian countries import in excess of A$1 billion of forage products per annum.

Demand for Fodder King's products, both domestically and overseas, continues to exceed the Company's current production capacity.

By working with Fodder King, individual farmers can effectively manage 600 hectares of irrigated fodder crops, whereas using conventional harvesting methods the individual farmer is often restricted to about 60 hectares.

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