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Fogmaker Australia System Information

Supplier: Fogmaker Australia
18 February, 2013

Fire extinction with AFFF water mist for all engine rooms and semi-enclosed spaces.

Detection and activation takes place hydro-pneumatically. A pressurised detector tube burst in case of fire. The drop in pressure activates the valve on the extinguisher.

The pressure indicator located on the detector cylinder will give an alarm to the operator to indicate deployment. The system operates independently of power supply.

  • Due to the patented construction the extinguisher can always be fully emptied.
  • The extinguisher can be placed horizontally or vertically.
  • Patented construction – “piston accumulator”
  • Cooling and smothering water with AFFF.
  • Options for Antifreeze extinguishing agent (-35° C).
  • Minimum requirements for cleaning-up after a fire.
  • Anodised, high pressure containers, corrosion protected for even the toughest environments.
  • Mechanical, manual and automatic actuation.