Folding Pallet Bins Save So Much Space

Supplier: SBH Solutions By: Nigel Smalls
04 November, 2010

Farmers are starting to take notice of the advantages of foldable pallet bins for use with their produce.

Compared to the old industry standard rigid “MegaBin”, or the outmoded wooden produce bins, folding bins take so much less space when not in use.

In one example of a customer with a need for 200 units, he justified the need by realizing that he only needed 16m² of space to store all his bins.  This meant that he could store everything under cover out of the weather.  Prior to the change, a combination of wood and rigid plastic requiring 46m² meant that the majority had to be stored outside.  “We expect longer life from the bins than what we had and we no longer have any wood splinter problems”.
While more expensive than other options, financing can be arranged for as little as $0.25c a bin per day.  Ask for more information today and take your own step towards the New Standard in Australian footprint Pallet Bin.