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Food Business Management Software

Supplier: Capital Office Business Software

CAPITAL Office Series 7 Accounting Software has been designed with the food business and food and beverage business in mind.

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  • Unlimited Quantity Conversions
  • Fast Price Maintenance
  • Batch Number Tracking & Expiry Dates
  • Distribution Run Control
  • Weight Scale Interfacing
  • Instant Catalog Creation
  • Totally Integrated Business Management System

Quantity Conversions

One of the unique and important industry features in CAPITAL is the "quantity conversion system" which deals with different units of measure both in purchasing and selling in the food business.

Most accounting systems are unable to buy and sell in a variety of different sizes. For example, in your food business you might purchase by carton, box, kilogram, piece, etc, and sell by kilogram, piece, bag and other combinations, all with different associated cost and sell prices.

CAPITAL Series 7 allows you to purchase and sell in an unlimited number of different sizes and units of measure. You can also define different cost and sell prices for each unit of measure you handle for your food and beverage. Invoicing and ordering is simple.

If you have defined a cost and/or sell price for a particular unit of measure, just include that unit when entering the quantity. For example, you would enter 5KG to sell 5 kilograms. The correct prices are calculated and the correct number of units are deducted from inventory based on a conversion calculation you define for stock units-to-kilograms.

If you wanted to sell two boxes, the operator would simply type 2BOX or whatever code you specified. The quantity, unit of measure and other relevant information can also be clearly displayed on your printed documents.

Update Food and Beverage Costs Fast, Adjust Margins & Pricing QUICKLY!

In the food business, especially fresh food, buy and sell prices change constantly. You can spend most of your time updating your stock prices if your system isn't optimised for the special needs of this environment.

When cost prices change you need a fast way to have this reflected in your sell prices. There are several systems in CAPITAL that help achieve this.

Group formulas can be defined for the products you carry, so when a cost or list price changes, and you receive new stock, other prices in your system are automatically recalculated based on percentages or other calculations you define.

The Stock Delivery Pricing System also lets you override or fine tune your automatic calculations. Since everything is formula based, you can even alter your mark-ups calculations on-the-fly, in addition to your pricing.