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Fork Stackers | Quickstak 1000 ‘Logic Lift’

Supplier: Optimum Handling Solutions

Quikstak stackers are more than just another brand of stacker they are unique, efficient handling solutions. Besides being exceptionally easy to move and steer, Quikstak stackers offer features specifically designed to improve productivity, while reducing or eliminating the risk of operator injury.


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The infra-red height-sensing function on Quikstak ‘smart-stackers’ detects the height of the load, and automatically adjusts the fork height to ensure maximum efficiency and operator safety. This feature offers significant benefits wherever product is manually loaded onto, or taken off pallets.

Quikstak ‘smart-stackers’ are available as either ‘pushed’ versions or ‘self-propelled walkbehind’, and are available in a range of lift heights and weight capacities.

The infra-red height-sensing function on Quikstak ‘smart-stackers’ is a unique, patented feature that sets them apart from all other stackers. The infra-red beam is like an eye watching the top of the stack, and signalling the forks to go up or down, so the operator is always working at a comfortable height.

On most models, the sensor is mounted right inside the body of the machine, and the height is easily adjustable from 750mm to 1 metre off the floor. The range is also adjustable up to 750mm from the sensor. The sensor is a retro-reflective type, and can detect almost any product within its range. However, it does work more effectively on light-coloured and shiny surfaces.

If a pallet is being unloaded, the load lifts until the top of the stack reaches the preset level. Once the top layer has been removed, the forks automatically lift again until the top of the stack is at the right height. Note that the amount it lifts each time is not affected by the weight of the product, so it works just as well lifting pallets of empty plastic bottles, bags of cement, or timber boards.

If product is being loaded onto a pallet, the sensor detects when the first box or board is placed on the pallet, and signals the forks to go down until the top of the item is at the pre-set height. If boxes are being loaded, the rest of that layer is usually added, then the forks go down again when the first box of the next layer is added.

Various safety features are provided; for example, the forks stop at about 150mm above the floor in auto-down mode, to prevent an operator’s feet being accidentally crushed. The manual lowering control must be used to lower the pallet fully.

The height sensor can be mounted externally at any height. This is useful if the operator is standing on a raised platform.

A time delay can be introduced between when the sensor detects the product and the forks actually moving. The delay can be a fixed time (e.g. 1 second), or adjustable by a knob on the control panel.

Specifications for Quickstak 1000 ‘Logic Lift’ fork stackers:

Model Lift Capacity Lift Height Overall
Fork Width
Distance between Straddle Legs
FSQ1010 1000 kg 1000mm 1525mm 900mm 610mm 1250mm
FSQ1210 1000 kg 1250mm 1775mm 900mm 610mm 1250mm
FSQ1510 1000 kg 1500mm 2025mm 900mm 610mm 1250mm
FSQ1810 1000 kg 1800mm 2325mm 900mm 610mm 1250mm
FSQ2010 1000 kg 2000mm 2025mm 900mm 610mm 1250mm
FSQ2410 1000 kg 2400mm 2425mm 900mm 610mm 1250mm



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