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Forklift Batteries - Millenium SPW Valve

Supplier: Flow-Rite Controls (Australia)

Flow-Rite Controls™, an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, and the industry’s technology leader, holds over a dozen U.S. patents on its innovative and constantly evolving single point watering systems.

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What does this mean to you? Flow-Rite™ is consistently three steps ahead of the competition, delivering the best product to you, daring the competition to "compete". Once you choose Flow-Rite you’ll see why we pride ourself on our superior products and customer service.

Why choose Millenium?

Millennium SPW™ is the most innovative, advanced, versatile, and user friendly system yet. At a glance, many of the superior features are evident. Everything from the clampless polypropylene tubing, flame arrestors, flip top cap, and the low profile to the solid protective shroud. But what’s even more impressive is the structure inside the valve.

The Millennium SPW™ valve is capable of working independent of water pressure*, allowing you to use a variety of water supply options.

In addition, the Millennium SPW™ valve includes a built in water barrier to block the propagation of a flame front from entering adjacent cells in the event of accidental cell gas ignition.

The recently improved flame arrested cap now includes a patent pending internal flame arrestor for use in applications such as water less batteries where the water trap may dry out.

How The Millenium SPW Valve works:

The Millennium SPW™ valve operation features a breakthrough patented technology that sets a new standard for reliability and versatility with single point watering.

Without levers, hinges, or pivot action, Millennium SPW™ valves can operate independently of refill water supply pressure* to accurately control cell electrolyte levels.

Through Fluidic Displacer Valve Technology, it uses a dual, balanced valve design that allows the displacement force to act directly through the center of the valve without any mechanical leverage. The Millennium valve is very sensitive to the displacement force, allowing a very small displacer to be used.

At the same time, it is very insensitive to variations in the water supply pressure used, making it a true multi-pressure valve. Fluidic Displacer Technology allows the Millennium SPW™ valve to maintain the low profile and easy tube routing features found in Flow-Rite’s previous PowerStream™ and Snap-Fill™ systems.

*The Millennium SPW Valve requires 3-35 PSI static (no flow) pressure and a minimum of 2GPM flow rate (measured through the purger) for proper operation.

Features of Forklift Batteries - Millenium SPW Valve:

Low profile

The patented low profile design keeps all components of the watering system out of harm’s way by making sure that they all sit below the intercell connectors.

3-Port Swivel T

Our patented Three Port Swivel rotates a full 360 degrees allowing for a more versatile installation. No more worries about kinked tubing, and now you can place the feed tube wherever it’s most convenient for you, not just at the end. The swivel also integrates an easy in hard out design to protect the 0-ring.

Clampless Polypropylene Tubing

Our patented clampless tubing installs in half the time of tubing that requires clamps and holds twice as good. Unlike clear PVC tubing, our patented tubing will not break down and cause system failure.

Wide Pressure Range

With Millennium’s patented technology, you no longer have to buy expensive water supplies to generate high pressure and flow. Our variable pressure system will work from 3 to 35 PSI, with minimum flow rate of 2 GPM (measured through the purger).

Flame Arrestor (optional)

The optional flame arrestor makes Millennium the safest battery watering system on the planet. Approved by major battery manufacturers, Millennium has a necessary safety feature for all stationary batteries, utility vehicle batteries, and other batteries used in potentially dangerous environments.

The flame arrested valve now includes a patent pending internal flame arrestor protecting against flame propagation in applications where the internal water trap is subject to drying out.

Flip Top Cell Access

That’s right, no more drilling cell inspection holes. Quick, easy installation, saving you time and increasing your profits. Our Gefo produced hydrometer fits perfectly into the inspection hole allowing you to get specific gravity readings quicker than ever.

Internal Water Lock

Perhaps the most important and least known feature of the Millennium™ valve, the internal water lock prevents gases from traveling between cells. In the event of a fire, this eliminates the possibility of flame propagation between cells via the watering system.

Protective Shroud

The shroud protects the internal displacer from damage. Whether it be from plate growth, during installation, shipping, or any other time. It further protects the valve from foreign particles (in the battery) entering and "clogging" the water system.

Acid Resistant Components

Just like our predecessor systems, all Millennium components are made of Polypropylene. This means all materials are acid, temperature, and impact resistant.

5 Year Warranty

We stand behind all of our SPW systems. We offer a full 5 year warranty on all Millennium SPW™ components (excluding water supplies), and date stamp all valves to ensure quality. All products are made in the U.S.A. by Flow-Rite controls™, an ISO 9001-2000 company.

De-Gas Chamber

The Millennium valve has a built in De-gassing chamber (similar to the factory vent caps) which allows the cell to expel the naturally occurring hydrogen and oxygen gases. The standard cap seen here disperses the gases in a manner which dilutes them with the outside air, reducing the risk of ignition.

Internal Water Lock

In the event that an explosion occurs within a cell, the built in water lock will prevent the explosion from propagating to neighboring cells via the watering system.

Flame Arrested Valve

The Millennium Flame arrested valve also includes a patent pending internal flame arrestor. This new technology will prevent any possible explosion from propagating through the watering system. This is ideal for situations where the internal water lock may be subject to drying out, such as high heat applications and water-less batteries.

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