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Forklift Batteries - Pro-Fill Valve

Supplier: Flow-Rite Controls (Australia)

Flow-Rite Controls™, Ltd., an ISO 9001 registered company, was founded in 1981 by a group that included businessmen experienced in international manufacturing, patent attorneys, and an engineer with an interest and background in fluid mechanics.

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The business plan was to develop lines of fluid control products based on the technology of fluidics. Fluidics is the branch of fluid mechanics in which sensing and control valve functions are performed by fluids using a minimum of moving parts.

Our market focus was on those industries where conventional mechanical valves had proven to be unreliable. Our first products included automatic level controls for commercial and residential swimming pools. We developed a frictionless hydraulic control valve that replaced troublesome ball cock type float valves.

Why choose Pro-Fill?

Pro-Fill™ onboard battery watering system is the only system that has been specifically designed for the golf car/utility vehicle application. At a glance, many of the superior features are evident.

Everything from the patented manifolds, standard flame arrestors, three port swivel, and clampless polypropylene tubing, to the new easy install winged caps. But what's even more impressive is the structure inside the valve.

The Pro-Fill™ valve is capable of working independent of water pressure (3-35 static PSI, with 2 GPM flow rate), allowing you to use a variety of water supply options.

In addition, the Pro-Fill™ valve includes a built in water barrier to block the propagation of a flame front from entering adjacent cells in the event of accidental cell gas ignition, while each valve includes an external flame arrested de-gas chamber as a standard.

How The Pro-Fill Valve works:

The Pro-Fill™ valve operation features a breakthrough patented technology that sets a new standard for reliability and versatility with single point watering.

Without levers, hinges, or pivot action, Pro-Fill™ valves can operate nearly independent of refill water supply pressure to accurately control cell electrolyte levels.

Through Fluidic Displacer Valve Technology, it uses a dual, balanced valve design that allows the displacement force to act directly through the center of the valve without any mechanical leverage.

The Pro-Fill™ valve is very sensitive to the displacement force, allowing a very small displacer to be used. At the same time it is very insensitive to variations in the water supply pressure used, making it a true multi-pressure valve.

Fluidic Displacer Technology allows the Pro-Fill™ valve to maintain the low profile and easy tube routing features.

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