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Fort Knox on the Gold Coast re-levelled

Supplier: Mainmark
12 April, 2012

The Fort Knox, a major Queensland self-storage company, has many facilities across the south east of the state.

At Southport the busy Fort Knox complex had been built about ten years ago. The site previously had underground storage tanks which had been removed before the re-development of the site, but the in-fill ground had not been sufficiently compacted.

The Fort Know facility was erected without fore-knowledge of the weakness in the soil where after a few years, subsidence started in the filled areas where the underground storage tanks had been.

Up to 190mm of settlement had begun to affect 70 of the storage units.

The dip in the roof-line in the photo shows up the subsidence.

Various remedial options were considered by the engineers who were consulted. Consideration was given to installation of 40 piers to a depth of six meters. But that would have taken months of work and disruption to the business.

Hearing of the speed and effectiveness of the Uretek expanding structural resin method of re-levelling, Fort Knox's Manager, Mark Davidson, called Uretek Ground Engineering.

Colin Pegg, Uretek's Gold Coast Area Manager provided the solution. It required minimal inconvenience to Fort Knox and the customers. Uretek injected structural resins into the affected ground areas.

The patented Uretek method employed resins expanding in the ground to compress and compact and greatly strengthening the weaker, filled sections.

Laser levels provided the team with continual monitoring so they could raise the units back to their precise correct levels.

The area was corrected one section at a time and cars trucks and forklifts could run over the sections only 30 minutes later.

The Uretek team completed the job of lifting, re-levelling and re-supporting all the sinking sections of the building; all this in just four days.

Colin Pegg reported "… minimal inconvenience to Fort Knox business …  and Uretek was less than half the cost of old-fashioned solutions."

Further info: Colin Pegg 0412 731 534 or 07 3287 3833 or www.uretek.com.au