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Foundry industry: why dry ice cleaning?

Supplier: Cryonomic
09 October, 2012

Thanks to dry ice blasting the foundry industry benefits from savings related to a considerable reduction of cleaning time for moulds, kernel boxes, injectors, mixers and machinery, means of production, and production lines.

The industry also benefits from savings related to radically reducing the time of removing residues and release agents.

Dry ice cleaning is a method significantly faster and more efficient compared to any other cleaning system. It is a non-abrasive form of cleaning: absolutely no wear to cleaned surfaces, increasing the life of moulds, machinery and production equipment.


"We have reduced cleaning time by as much as 85%.

"Dry ice blasting is causing a revolution in our production. We clean our moulds in less than an hour time. Previously, the same work took more than eight hours.

"The CRYONOMIC Dry Ice Blaster is used every single day of the week and gives us full satisfaction at all levels. We made the right choice.

"But there is much more to it. After cleaning, our moulds are like new. No scratches T or wear. Our customers are very satisfied. We are able to deliver finished products of constantly high quality, even with a mould that should be replaced in the near future.

"We calculated that our investment was recovered in less than a year. But besides the financial benefits, I discovered another aspect. The Dry ice blasting technique respects the environment, unlike other cleaning methods. Creating no additional waste is truly revolutionary. It's ecological and at the same time we save time and money!"

Source: Interview with Mr. D., Production Manager of R. Ltd, October 14th 2006.