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FPE D50 Vapour Compression Vacuum Distiller

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Produces 50 gallons (200 litres) per hour of high purity distilled water. Using the advanced distech? Vapour Compression Vacuum Distillation (VCVD) technology, the D50 consistently delivers the highest purity product water at the lowest overall cost with a minimum of maintenance. Low temperature vacuum operation helps prevent scaling, eliminating the need for expensive pre-treatment. Energy conserving vapour compression technology lowers operating cost. The D50 is the only small water purifier of its type to be fully clean-in-place (CIP) capable.

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FPE D50 Vapour Compression Vacuum Distiller

Convenient remote monitoring capability further reduces operator attention. About the size of a household refrigerator, the D50 is perfect for water bottling companies, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers, industrial water users and industrial waste treatment, hospitals, hotels, and residential water supply systems.

Purity-assured, easy to operate, dependable and fail-safe, the distech? D50 now defines a new generation of water purification.

Purity <1.0 ppm total dissolved solids, >0.5 megohm resistivity
Applicable standards USP purified/distilled, FDA Bottled Water, EPA drinking water

Pure water out 50 galls per hr (GPH), 200 litres per hr (LPH),
Flow rates vary with operating temperature and feedwater characteristics.
Waste water out >40 GPH (160 LPH)
Feedwater required 90 GPH (360LPH)

The product’s competitive advantages are as follows:

  • It produces the highest purity distilled water (less than 1 part per million Totally Dissolved Solids)
  • The ability to process a wide variety of feedwaters either individually or mixed with minimal pretreatment.
  • Its low operational and maintenance costs (no membranes).
  • Its low energy usage owing to its heat recycling process.
  • Its full automation from self-cleaning to self-monitoring and self-diagnosis.
  • Its fail-safe operation provided by the self-monitoring sensor system.
  • Being able to be operated and managed from a remote location by landline/satellite.
  • Its compactness, small footprint and transportability.
  • Its high quality material and component content engineered for a long lifespan.
  • Its adaptability to different applications