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FR & RE Williamson

FR&RE WILLIAMSON Australia bring you the Bunksweeper, a powerful trough cleaning machine that will dramatically reduce the number of hours spent cleaning troughs in your feedlot. The unique helix rotor allows the heaviest of loads to be swept into the pens, while the brush section at the rear of the rotor leaves the trough clean of small grains. The FR&RE Williamson Bunksweeper has been successfully fitted to tractors, telesopic arm loaders, as well as front end loaders and yet their quick hitch abilities allow the base machines to be used for their usual daily duties once the bunks have been swept clean.

Each FR&RE WILLIAMSON machine is custom built to suit each bunk ensuring the highest quality machine is made to suit your feedlot. The Williamson team will deliver your Bunksweeper to ensure it is working correctly and demonstrate to your workers how to set up and use the machine to its maximum ability.

After using our Bunksweeper to sweep your bunks clean, use an FR&RE Williamson scraper to clean the pen. Its basic, tough, design and build is perfect for feedlot use. Easy change bolt on blades make it low maintenance, its high lift feature allows the driver to build high stacks with ease.

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