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FranklinCovey to boost performance even higher with Maximizer CRM

Supplier: Maximizer Software
31 July, 2012

A world leader in the development and delivery of leadership and productivity training and services, FranklinCovey has been in operation since 1993.

By using Maximizer CRM, FranklinCovey SA not only gained the benefit of Raising the bar even higher for high-performance sales, marketing and customer service, but also the ability to track transactions and relation­ships from within a single application with remote access and business process enhancement.

CRM for highly effective company

A world leader in the development and delivery of leadership and productivity training and services, FranklinCovey has been in operation since 1993.

FranklinCovey SA is the exclusive representative of FranklinCovey in Southern and East Africa, extending to 17 African and Indian Ocean countries. FranklinCovey SA partners with many organisations in both the private and public sectors to provide world-class leadership development and execution programmes, along with consulting services. The company is part of a global network extending to 145 countries. With a focus on training solutions and intensive customer relationships, FranklinCovey SA relies on effective CRM as a priority business system.

Providing excellence

With head offices in Johannesburg and representatives in Stellenbosch, Hilton and Nairobi, Kenya, FranklinCovey SA is dedicated to providing the local market with effective training services and has a long list of satisfied and regular clients.

The company has adapted its training programmes for the South African market and marketing manager Emma Smallman said that the company's workshops deal mainly with change management.

The heavily service-orientated business conducted by FranklinCovey SA requires an effective and flexible CRM solution that can be used to track sales, integrate with the company's accounting solution and provide remote access to representatives. "And, of course, the primary function of our CRM system is to track relationships with our customers," adds Smallman.

The company has been using Maximizer since the late 90s, but would require an updated CRM solution to accommodate the growth of the organisation, bring its systems up to date and additionally provide integration into its Pastel Accounting application. Remote access tools were also required.

Key benefits

  • Remote access via MaxExchange allowsconsultants to connect to Maximizer CRM while out on the road
  • Business process enhancement and stream­lining with Worfklow Automation saves the company time on internal processes
  • Integration with accounting application for information updating
  • Ability to track transactions from withinMaximizer Enterprise

An educated decision

While FranklinCovey SA had been using Maximizer for years, the company did not take the decision to upgrade lightly when it was time to move up with enhanced capabilities and carefully analysed competing CRMsolutions in the space, including products from Microsoft and Accpac.

"The company did research into the leading CRM products available," Smallman said.

"A variety of other possible solutions were considered but it was quite easily decided to stay with Maximizer. Staff at FranklinCovey SA are familiar and very satisfied with the Maximizer solution and we were very happy that Maximizer came to the party and met all of the CRM requirements we had."

Maximizer CRM flexibility provided by the wide range of modules available for the product meant that Franklin­Covey SA could easily acquire the functionality it needed without requiring large amounts of custom develop­ment. It was therefore decided to upgrade to the latest Maximizer CRM version - Maximizer Enterprise 9.5.

"There are 28 full time staffers employed at FranklinCovey SA with an additional ten associates," explained Smallman. "Everyone in the company uses Maximizer on a daily basis."

FranklinCovey SA selected Camsoft, local Maximizer Certified Business Partner in SA, to deploy and configure the solution. Camsoft would also be required to do some custom development in integrating Maximizer Enterprise with the Pastel Accounting application used by the company and provide FranklinCovey SA employees with training on the new Maximizer solution.

Part of the implementation was also the MaxExchange; a module for Maximizer Enterprise that allows remote access for mobile computer users. According to Smallman; the upgrade and development process went smoothly and everyone in FranklinCovey were looking forward to keep using an even better improved version of the already effective Maximizer CRM.

Improved functionality and time savings

FranklinCovey SA is now able to use Maximizer to trigger business processes, stated Smallman.

"The company uses Maximizer to track sales and enhance the operations side of our business," she explained. "If one of our sales representatives sells a training programme, management and stock are automatically notified."

This is where Maximizer has provided functionality that previously used by emails and is now saving the company a lot of time, added Smallman.

Besides the enhancement sales capabilities, Maximizer is also a powerful marketing tool for the company and FranklinCovey uses the marketing functionalities to progress products based on customer feedback.

"Thanks to the Pastel integration it is also possible to track at what stage invoicing and payment processes are with clients," continued Smallman. "This is a powerful sales utilisation of Maximizer which the company did not have before."

FranklinCovey now also uses Maximizer to automatically import and update customer data from Pastel Accounting.

"Information is kept up to date between the two applications and our staff are able to view invoicing information and track transactions from within Maximizer and without having to switch applications," said Smallman.

Representatives are also able to connect to Maximizer from anywhere in the world using MaxExchange, saving the company more time as information can be accessed and updated without having to be in the office.

Thanks to Maximizer, FranklinCovey SA is saving time and has a range of new functionality available that has significantly enhanced the company's processes.