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Freedom Furniture’s do-it-yourself stage 2 implementation

Supplier: TallShips Solutions
12 February, 2008

The second stage of the PowerHouse/WMS installation of the Freedom Furniture DC at Kings Park became operational, as planned, 12 months after the first stage.

With a year’s worth of experience under their belts, Freedom Furniture’s own warehouse personnel carried out the installation in grand “do-it- yourself” style in time for the lead up to the peak season.

This is testimony to both the competence of Freedom Furniture’s personnel and the ease of configuring PowerHouse/WMS to service a different set of business needs, all under the one warehouse roof.

Peter O’Regan, Logistics Director of Freedom Furniture, set the staged implementation methodology into place with a realistic schedule and achievable expectations of productivity and efficiency.

This was in recognition of the factors necessary to create a smooth transition to the new system and the opportunity to start realising a payback sooner.

Whilst there is still a lot yet to be done, the initial learning curve and drain on manpower resources has been managed to allow the job to be done in non-peak periods.

The lessons learnt during the first stage and the experience gained from using PowerHouse/WMS for 12 months enabled the second stage to be easier.

The mistakes and pitfalls identified in the first stage were avoided and exceptional situations were identified and processes were developed for dealing with these.