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Freight and logistics ideally suited for Weighing-in-Motion Axle Weigh

Supplier: AccuWeigh
14 June, 2016

AccuWeigh’s Perth branch have recently completed the installation of our Drive & Weigh 8000 Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) system for a customer involved in freight and logistics.

To enable full compliance with their Chain of Responsibility requirements the customer chose the WIM due to the time savings offered and weighing accuracy achieved with the system.

AccuWeigh's Alex Berenyi, who was involved with the customer's project from the early days, was able to demonstrate that there would be savings with time and vehicle wear while delivering the required accuracy and user-friendly operation of the system.

Traditional axle group weighers require the vehicle to stop with each axle group on the weighing surface which can cause problems for operators on sites where many different vehicle configurations are used.

"Without the need to stop each axle group within the weighing surface, our Drive & Weigh 8000 reduces weighing issues, especially for longer trucks, and speeds the process thereby offering improvements in efficiency." said Berenyi.

Learn more about our revolutionary Drive&Weigh 8000 and what it can do for you by downloading this brochure: http://www.accuweigh.com.au/pdfs/AccuWeigh-weighing-in-motion.pdf.