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Frequently Asked Questions

Supplier: Solutions Electrical Software
15 April, 2008

What are the system requirements?

Our software is compatible with Windows 95 up to Windows Vista, with a minimum requirement of a PII and 64 megs of RAM.

How easy is the software to use?

Very Easy in fact we can teach You to use any of the programmes in just 5 – 15 minutes over the telephone!

Are there Site licences available for multiple users?

Yes, please call!

Can I input my own Wire/Cable Sizes?

Yes, you simply leave the voltage drop box blank in the Cable Calculation screen and the program will list all compliant Wire/Cable sizes

I’m in Maintenance can I use it to help maintain an existing installation?

You can Check an existing design for compliance by Inputting every wire/cable size in to the Design program and test for compliance. You can also add or modify.

How Knowledgeable do you need to be to use the program?

Obviously some electrical knowledge is essential, but because of the new smart technology in Installation Design, the program will design in full compliance and will not allow you to make a mistake!

How do I get technical help if I need it?

By e-mail, Fax or Phone!

What happens if the rules and regulations change?

As end users ourselves any changes would be made quickly and downloads of the changes would be made available over the Internet!

Are there any maintenance charges to pay?

No, there are however inexpensive care packages which would entitle you to all future upgrades!

Does the program calculate wire/cable sizes for really large currents?

Yes, you can calculate wire/cable sizes up to 10,000 amps or 10 Parallel cores per phase.

Are there any training classes?

Yes we run one day training classes, please call to book.

For all other inquiries please drop us an e-mail, we would be happy to help you!

Downloading and Viewing Demos

The process of downloading and viewing our demos involves transferring a file from this web site to your computer's local hard drive, uncompressing the file and loading that file to start viewing the demo. Please note these instructions are intended for Windows XP using Internet Explorer 6 or higher. If you are using an older version of Windows or a different browser please contact us for assistance.

To download a demonstration simply click the download demo button on each individual program description page. When you select a download demo button a small pop open window will appear: Please Note the name of the file demo_program_name.zip and select Save.

A second window will now appear asking you to specify the folder you would like to save the file in. Select the save in button and choose My Documents folder to save your demo into. Next press the Save button to begin transferring the demo file to your computer.

When the file transfer has been completed a window may be displayed: File Download Completed. If it is simply click close.

At this point you have successfully downloaded the demo_program_name.zip file to your computer's local hard drive in a folder called My Documents. Simply click your start button and locate the folder in the menu called My Documents. Click this folder and look for the demo_program_name.zip file you just downloaded.

When you have located the file right click on the file and select Extract All. In the new pop open box select next and then next again. Next make sure there is a check mark in Show extracted files and click finish. In the new window double click the program_name.exe file and the demo will start! If you missed any steps and it did not work simply click the start button and open the folder in the menu called My Documents. Click this folder and look for the program_name.exe. Double click file to view!

If you want to view the demo at a later date it can be started by clicking start button and opening the folder in the menu called My Documents. Click this folder and look for the program_name.exe and double click to view!