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Fristam Shear Pump & Powder Mixing Systems

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High performance blending of multi-phase products is now achievable with the Fristam Shearpump, available from Sepak Industries Pty Ltd.

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The new shearpump is based on the proven design of the FP centrifugal pump range. The Shear Pump employs a rotor / stator system operating at tip speeds up to 38 m/s that draws imhomogeneous media through shearing clearances of just 0.3mm.

The extremely high flow rates and shear rates generated ensure inseparable emulsions and end products of incomparable homogeneity.
The hygienic Shearpump is fully CIP capable and is available with optional heating/cooling jacket, Casing drainage, adjustable feet mounting or trolley.

The Shear pump is also available as a powder mixing system complete with powder hopper, bag tipping bench and FZ self priming pump.

The shearpump can cut your processing time by up to 90% compared with conventional dissolving processes in large tanks and depending on the application you can expect to use fewer raw materials due to the more effective breakdown of constituents.

The FSP 35 range, with motors from 3 kW to 30 kW, is particularly suitable for high viscosities and throughput rates while the FPM 7 range, with motors from 2.2 kW to 18.5 kW, is the optimum choice for handling medium viscosities and throughput rates.

For a customised solution and sizing specific to your particular application please contact the staff at Sepak Industries Pty Ltd.
Powder Mixing Systems

Powder mixing systems, incorporating the Fristam shear pump, are now available from Sepak Industries.

The powder mixing system is a skid mounted, inline, powder / liquid blending system for introducing powders into continuous wet processes.

This system is used where ‘difficult to wet’ powders cannot be simply tipped into a process vessel and stirred.

The powder mixer utilizes the Fristam shear pump and the Fristam self priming pump together with a powder hopper, valves and pipe work to significantly reduce dissolving times (up to 90%).

The system can successfully dissolve 15 tonns per hour of sugar into cold water, resulting in cost savings compared to other dissolving processes.

The high shear energy, up to 125000 s-1, is produced from the shear pumps 0.3 mm rotor/stator clearance and up to 38 m/s rotor tip speeds, has been proven to create homogenous emulsions from a diverse range of products.

Other proven applications include:

  • Pectin, sugar, citric acid in cold water
  • Homogenising of frozen Banana puree 30m³/h
  • Egg-powder in water
  • Sugar / salt in liquid eggs
  • Solving minerals (magnesium carbonate) in water
  • Bio-Flour (>25%) in water in a yeast factory
  • Solving sugar in condensed milk (40m3/ hr)
  • Producing chocolate topping (cocoa, milkpowder, creampowder & fat in syrup)
  • Solving of minerals / vitamins / pectin / xanthangum / fluid-aroms in juice-concentrate.
  • Solving of powder in fluids, like PTFE in Oil.
  • Solving of fluids in fluids, like additives in engine / gear-oil, lubricants